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Dr. Peter Barrington is Wall Street’s Most DISLIKED Man…And Why You WILL Want to Know Everything He Does About Trading Like an Insider With a Secret He Uses Called “The Slice”

Secrets of the Wall Street Maverick:

"How to GET RICH by (Legally) Trading Like an ‘Insider’ With a Secret Method Called ‘The Slice’ That is So Dead-On Accurate

It Will Blow Your F****** Mind!”

While the economy starts to slide into another recession, you stand to lose more than you can ever imagine.  The Wall Street “slaughtering” has only just begun.  But if you act now you still have a choice:  LOSE EVERYTHING AND TAKE TO THE SOUP LINES OR EARN YOURSELF A PLACE IN THE TOP 5% OF THE RICHEST ELITE.  THERE IS NOTHING IN BETWEEN!  Even if you don’t think you know enough about investing, you can make a FORTUNE by using a very simple system that ANYBODY can learn quickly.  And this is truly the LAST OPPORTUNITY for the Little Guy to get FILTHY RICH!  OR this could be your LAST WARNING for what’s about to come!

Dear Investor,


In a few months from now you will either be laughing all the way to the bank or standing in the welfare line with just the shirt on your back.  Why?  Because some MAJOR CHANGES are going on right now!


We all know about the scandals of recent years of how a handful of selfish people made hundreds of millions of dollars while tons of people – too many to count – had lost everything they ever worked for in just a few short months.


But the WALL STREET SLAUGHTER is NOT NEARLY over yet!  In fact, it’s just barely gotten started!


Do you remember the days of Enron, Global Crossing, Tyco, and WorldCom?  Remember how they were the first to scalp the American public during that time?   Maybe this will surprise you.  Then again, maybe not.  But the Wall Street scalping has only gotten more sophisticated these days.  It’s been going on discreetly for many years now…and continues to take place behind closed doors.  It’s now WORSE than ever!  And it’s not about to stop either.


More giants are about to take a tumble and it’s going to shake the economy so hard that everything else will begin to topple like dominoes.  The big lay-offs at GM is just the beginning of what will become a trend from now through the next 2 years!  And even billionaire trader Paul Tudor Jones says that this upcoming recession will be our worst ever!


Where is your money going to be?  Think your money is safe in stocks or mutual funds?  Think your job or business is safe?  Think your investments are safe?  You are FAR from being safe!


You will have to make a critical decision right now.  Do you “watch and wait” and foolishly hope that we’ll skip a recession and risk everything you have?  Or do you take action and make a fortune as the economy takes a big fall?

We Are About to Experience a Market Collapse That’s So Devastating…

the 1929 Stock Market Crash Will Seem Like a Picnic in a Park on a Sunny Day!


This is going to be a rough one, folks.  Worse than the Depression and the Great Recession combined!  And as you know, most of the population back in 1929 – especially those who weren’t prepared – lost everythingThe ones who lost the most didn’t even own a single stock.


The same thing happened in 2008.  Most everyone was caught with their pants down while jobs, businesses, savings, investments, and retirement funds were wiped out virtually overnight.


And yet there were a select handful who were pre-warned and properly prepared…and they created fortunes during this market shift that were so vast that the proceeds are still paying them huge dividends and pay offs…and will continue to do so even for their kids, grandkids, and great grandkids!

Big Monster Corporations that We Rely On for Our Energy, Communication, Transportation, Food, Banking, and Household Necessities Are ALL AT RISK of Crashing to the Ground…AGAIN!


But how can that be?  Certainly large companies that have been around forever have a strong foothold in the economy.  Especially after recovering from our most recent post-2008 Great Recession, right?  WRONG!


The first thing I have to say to that is…were you under a rock during our most recent financial bashing our economy took starting in 2008 and for years afterwards?  Remember what happened with all those banks and financial institutions that were “too big to fail” like Lehman Brothers, AIG, Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns, Countrywide, Washington Mutual, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac??  And that short list was just the tip of the HUGE iceberg!  The fact is, there are WAY TOO MANY to list here.  And what most people don’t know (and will never know) is that we were less than 36 hours from a complete banking and economic collapse back in the fall of 2008, kind of like what happened to Greece.


And guess what?  The banks that did survive (thanks to the government bailout program) are now bigger than ever.  Now they’re REALLY too big to fail.  Only 6 banks own more than half of the assets of the entire banking industry.  With the rolling back of banking regulations, this looks a lot like the very same pre-2008 deregulatory agenda that encouraged excessive risk-taking by mortgage lenders and banks.


Plus, due to financial blatant mismanagement, internal corruption, lack of organization, higher production costs, higher distribution and warehousing costs, the disappearance of consumer protection regulations and agencies that are supposed to protect average people from getting screwed over…and then a MAJOR recession to slap us all in the face – how many companies – large or small – can endure all of that ALL AT ONCE??  If you don’t believe me, just take a close look at what happened to chains like Sears, Toys ‘R Us, Kmart, RadioShack, Sam’s Club…and the recent massive store closures of J.C. Penney, Macy’s, Gap, Payless, Foot Locker, Walgreens and many others.  All household names!


All of the sharpest and richest market forecasters all agree: there is a huge problem with BOTH personal and commercial debt right now.  And all of these signs (including the store closures) are linked to COMMERCIAL debt problems!  And with personal debt, we’re talking about the VERY SAME subprime credit problems just like back in 2008 which ALSO affect BIG CORPORATIONS like banks, lenders, and creditors, for example.


As these giants are tumbling, we will SLAM into a huge recessionAGAIN!  And when these big boys all fall down, there will be a “ripple effect” that will tear down the smaller and smaller companies that stand next to it.  Very few companies will be left standing.  AGAIN!  Meanwhile, people will be back out of work!  AND IN DROVES!!  AGAIN!


But I’ll Bet That I’m Not Telling You Anything New…In Fact, I’ll Even Bet That You’ve “Suspected” This Economic Downfall For AT LEAST a Year Now!



And why is that?  Are you psychicOr is it just plain obvious!



Look what we have been seeing for many years now:  Political scandal and cover-ups, white-collar fraud up the ass like never before, increasing taxes and interest rates but a decrease in quality jobs and salaries, highly respectable businessmen and politicians suddenly turning sour just to turn a few bucks, greedy multi-billionaires who want EVEN MORE MONEY for no good reason other than to make sure others don’t have anything at all, and white-collar crime investigative units that are so overworked that they would have to quadruple their current staff in order to combat even one tenth of the white-collar fraud taking place in this country!



And why?  Because making money the old-fashioned way isn’t working anymore thanks mostly to our “New (Post-2008) Economy.”



Baby-boomers are unable to locate employment for the same pay as before (if they’re lucky enough to find a job at all) and most don’t have enough money to comfortably retire.  Prices of homes have skyrocketed but the average pay for your average office worker hasn’t gone up in over 20 years!  Between all of these issues including chronic government shut downs and more prolific off-shoring of the workforce, the middle class is being squeezed more than ever!



And it doesn’t help that it takes a MINIMUM of $85,000 a year for a couple to live frugally here in Southern California and yet the average job pays $32,000 a year which results in the obvious – financial struggle with no way out.



This whole world is turning into DOG EAT DOG just to put a simple meal on the table!




The Two Classes in Years to Come:  Very Rich and Very Poor!


Financial forecasters have been predicting the separation of the classes for decades now.  Well, they were right.  It’s now becoming a full-blown reality faster than we ever thought possible!  The middle class will cease to exist by the year 2030 and then the other “cusp” classes will follow.  The lower-middle class will be bumped out.  Then the upper-middle class will disappear.  Completely.


Leaving just two classes:  The very wealthy and the very low class.  It will be just like the old sixteenth century where there were the royals and the servants…and nothing else.


And if it’s not obvious now, it will be made plain-as-day obvious during this newest economic crisis that is rapidly descending upon us.  So, what do we do?  How to we make sure we end up on the right side of the tracks?

The ONLY Way to Make a Fortune During This Next Economic Downfall is…


  • By discovering how to trade the markets really really well
  • By having that EDGE that nobody else has by “knowing” things that nobody else knows, and…
  • By trading a specific TYPE of market INSTEAD of what you’re probably used to trading.

      AND…perhaps the most important of all…

  • Trading this type of “stock” in a certain way that virtually guarantees dead-on accurate market forecasts each and every time! 

How I Came to Discover This Secret Will SHOCK You!


My grandfather Robert Barrington (AKA “Bobby B.”) knew a man named Jesse Livermore.  You may or may not have heard the name before.  (I’ll tell you more about who Jesse is in a minute.)  My grandfather and Jesse were pretty close friends.  And during the times they spent together, Jesse would share things with my grandfather about how to trade the markets.


But first of all…who the hell is Jesse Livermore? 


This will actually SHOCK you!


First let me say, for the record, that I thought my grandfather was a total piece of crap.  He was a womanizer and cheated on my grandmother every chance he got.  And for this, I’ll never have any man-to-man respect for him.


But how is this of any relevance to anything?


Because this is how the story of my granddad Bobby B. and Jesse Livermore started their friendship, while scoping out the scene for new women to have affairs with while hanging out drinking together for the purposes of looking for women.  This would be during the 1920s and the 1930s, as they became fast and longtime friends.


While Jesse Livermore never wrote about his secret trading method behind how he scored $100 million by shorting the stock market on Black Tuesday (October 29, 1929 stock market crash) that set off the Great Depression, he DID tell my granddad how he did it, in precise detail!


Most people think that Jesse used a trading strategy called The Shakeout + 3 but that’s NOT how he knew that the market was going to crash.  After all, if you take a look at this double-bottom pattern, it’s designed for an upcoming bull market, NOT a bear market at all.


Plus, as Jesse himself said, any fool can recognize the Shakeout +3 pattern. 


Here’s how it works:   A cup-with-handle buy point (10 cents above the high of the handle) or a flat-base buy point (10 cents above the high of the left side of the base).  The conventional buy point comes when the stock starts to rally after the second leg down.  Then entry is when the stock crosses above the middle peak in between the two down legs.  Add 10 cents and there’s your buy point. 


The Shakeout + 3 pattern also comes when a stock starts to rally after the second leg has formed.  The buy point is derived by adding three points to the low of the first pullback.  So, if the low was 27, add 3 points to get a correct entry at 30.  However, the adding of 3 points generally only applies to stocks that are trading in the 20-40 range and requires strong volume when a stock clears the proper buy point. 

With higher-priced stocks, it’s critical to add more than just 3 points to the first low.  It’s best to add around 10% of the price of the stock, in this case.  If the stock is priced at 60, you can add 5 or 6 points to the low to get the buy point.  For stocks that are trading at 100 or more, add 8 to 10 points.  This “double-bottom pattern” was in Jesse’s book called How to Trade in Stocks.  It was one of the very rare things he discussed in any of his writings about any “secret trading method” he might have used to when predicting major market moves.


But it’s not really how he traded, especially when predicting huge market crashes (which is how big money is made very quickly).  There was actually a completely different way Jesse predicted the market…a way that he NEVER wrote about or revealed to anyone else except to my grandfather!


I remember when my grandfather would talk incessantly about trading stocks and The Slice method that Jesse had shared with him many times over the years… which was the real trading method he had used for the hundreds of millions of dollars he had made in the stock market.  My grandfather even drew out illustrations of “The Slice” and showed me how it can work when trading almost anything.  But I never cared.  I was a young kid.  Who would care about stock trading at only 12 years old?


Back then, I’d mow my grandparent’s acre-and-a-half of lawn every week.  He’d give me a “bonus” by adding an extra 50 cents on top of the regular buck I’d earn from mowing the lawn if I could draw The Slice on whatever stock chart he chose for that week.  Of course I’d do it.  I’d earn an extra 50 cents just from drawing a few lines on a piece of paper which took me maybe 25 seconds on my slowest day.  He’d always smile, give me 6 quarters, and then walk away with the stock chart I had drawn on.  Little did I know what he was actually trading with what I had marked on those drawn-on charts until 6 years later when…

He Showed Me a Margin Account That Had Over $100,000 in It…And Told Me It Was MY MONEY from MY Market Predictions


All from a Starting Margin Account of Only $500;  And Here Is How It Was Done…

With Jesse Livermore’s SECRET Trading Strategy Called…


The Slice

If you’ve ever had experience with stock, option or bond trading before, these names would probably be familiar to you.  They’ve all written books: Warren Buffett, W.D. Gann, Larry Williams, Ted Warren, Peter Lynch…Yet, why does it seem that no matter how many trading techniques, strategies, and secrets investors waded through most NEVER find the true trader’s “secret” to fortunes? 


After all, the key to success in the markets is to know ahead of time what the market will do. That is how REAL traders make a fortune like clockwork.


But REAL traders who make REAL money will NEVER give you a secret investing strategy that actually works.  Why?  Because the bottom line is this:


REAL Traders Know a Trading “Prediction” System That GUARANTEES Successful Trades At Least 90% of the Time But They CANNOT Reveal Their Secrets to You!


They gain nothing by telling you their strategies.  Nothing at all! So, they don’t tell you anything!  And they never will!  Why the hell would they?  Would YOU tell anyone about a stock secret that can consistently make you $10,000 or more a minute?  I don’t think so!  And this is why no REAL multi-million-dollar trader will EVER reveal his or her secrets.


What’s even worse is that there are a whole slew of pretend “guru” traders will write books, conduct seminars, produce “training” videos and courses…all telling you nothing more than the basic fundamentals or market “common sense.”  And the whole time they are using a system so precise, it makes them look like a trading celebrity because somehow their “system” only works for them.  And being that they’ve written books on their “secret,” obviously the rest of us must be stupid for not being able to trade like they do.  Meanwhile they get media attention and all the celebrity hoopla of “knowing” something the rest of us don’t when they really know nothing at all.


I’m here to tell you that it’s all a scam!  And that’s why you’ll never catch me writing a book about trading.  I don’t want to be associated with the “pretenders” when I know I’m the real thing.  So, I’d rather just leave it at that.


By the way, if you’ve never read one single book on trading in the stock market, you’re probably much better off!


W.D. Gann, a trading “genius,” claimed to know the secret.  He tried to share his trading methods with us in his books but nobody seemed to fully understand his geometric lines and predictions.  Why?  Because those geometric lines WERE NOT REALLY HOW HE PREDICTED THE MARKET…or how he “tried” to forecast the market, rather.


Unfortunately, he lived during a time were the world wasn’t so open-minded.  It was a clear case of Nostradamus-ism where Gann talked in “code” because the close-minded freaks of the early 20th Century may very well have burned him at the stake!  (It turned out later on that he didn’t do as well as most people thought he did in the market and that Gann, too, was also a “pretender” just to sell stock trading books, courses, and events.  Yes, Gann turned out to be a complete sham!)


But what about the REAL movers and shakers of the stock trading world?  The ones who will NEVER write a book or speak at a seminar about their secrets?  How do they trade the markets?  Do they use special software or some other secret?


I’ll tell you all about the real secret in a second.  But, right about now you’re probably asking yourself, “Who are you then and why are you suddenly sharing this trading secret?”  Good question and you deserve an answer.  So, here it is:

After Having Kept This Secret ALL of My Life, I Want to Share This With You Now Before I Pass Away…Which Will Be Soon!


I was diagnosed with throat cancer a little more than a year ago.  And while I’m in remission now, I know the reality of how these things work.  Reality is, I’m not a young man anymore.  Far from it.  (You can probably tell from my photo on the first page that I’m not very young anymore but I won’t tell you how old I am.  I’d rather not.) 


Reality is, even if I stay in remission for years to come, I know my time will be up sooner than later.  And I’m prepared to pass away at any time now.

I woke up startled, realizing something that jump started my heart one morning:  “Nobody else knows this trading secret that I know of!  Jesse taught my grandfather.  My grandfather taught me and a few other family members who ended up never using this powerful trading method because they didn’t ‘like’ trading.  So…I’m the ONLY ONE ALIVE who knows how to use Jesse Livermore’s most powerful trading secret – the one he NEVER wrote about or taught anyone else EXCEPT for my grandfather.”


And if you’re not sure just what a powerful trader Jesse Livermore was, just look him up.  You’ll quickly see just how profitable and on-point he was with ALL of his trades until his personal life ended up in the crapper due to multiple affairs, drinking, and the breakdown of his marriages which was way too much for him to take mentally and emotionally.  (This is why he took his own life in the end.)


Just like any other reputable trader, he never shared his secrets with anybody else.  Nobody else except for Bobby B. (my grandfather) who passed this strategy directly down to me.


But I’ll be honest with you.  I didn’t share this with a single soul except for my wife and my son.  My wife didn’t care about it.  My son became a doctor and never had an interest in trading.  So…that leaves me.  And me only.


And pretty soon it’ll leave you too.  Because I’m making sure I’m getting this secret out there before I pass away because my brother and sisters didn’t use this secret, because my wife and son never cared to use this secret…and because I’m the only one that I know of who actually uses Jesse Livermore’s REAL trading secret to making such incredible dead-on accurate trades in the market, both big and small.


And I’m passing this secret on to you before I die.  Which won’t be long now.

The Reason It Took Me THIS Long to Bring This Trading Secret to Light is Shocking!


Wall Street has hated me for as long as I can remember.  This is much like the sports bookie hating the guy that always makes the right bet and breaks the house.  Or the blackjack player who always wins in Vegas because he’s probably counting cards.


People who win in a “betting” game all the time are usually not welcome to play anymore.


I remember a time not too many years ago when a few men in black suits paid me a “visit” to my house.   I’m not going to tell you who these men were but I will say that the meeting wasn’t pleasant.  At all.  And when I told my attorney about this meeting, at first he didn’t believe me.  He thought I was pulling his leg. 


When I finally convinced him that it really happened by showing him the security video of these guys banging on my front door, he said:  “Don’t mess with these guys.  This is the type of situation where you find yourself getting killed in some kind of ‘accident’ or you just disappear.  I recommend you keep a really low profile.  Take a trip somewhere – for about a year – and then just trade small.  Can you do that?” 


Before I could answer, he hung up on me!  After that he refused any of my phone calls and I never heard from my attorney ever again.

I started to think about it:  Why leave for just a year?  Why not just live in Costa Rica or some place like that for the rest of my life?  I could trade from anywhere! 


Of course, my wife didn’t agree with this idea of being an expat in some foreign land.  My son had just gotten married and him and his new wife were planning a family.  My wife was excited about grandkids and, truth be told, I really didn’t want to leave either.


So, I traded small.  What did I need more money for anyway?  By this time, I had millions parked in several bank accounts and I had everything I wanted.  I kept trading just…because I LOVE IT.  I’m a trading junkie, but in a SKILLED kind of way.  I’m not like some kind of gambling addict who gets a high on winning once in a blue moon on a game of chance.  MY GAME REQUIRES SKILL.  And to get to my level, you MUST HAVE a “magic bullet secret” of sorts to be as dead-on accurate as I have been with all of the trades I’ve done over the decades.


Since I’m dying now, I don’t give a damn about men in black suits or potentially disappearing into the night like Jimmy Hoffa or like the many others who have gained too much power in too little time just by knowing too many secrets.  When you get to the point where you know that the game of life is almost over, you become fearless.  Nothing scares you anymore.  Because there’s nothing left to lose.


At least that’s where I’m at right now.  I’m willing to take huge risks to get this secret out there to whoever wants to devote their time in learning this, practicing it, and trading with it to potentially make lots of money for themselves so that I can rest in peace knowing I’m NOT taking this secret to my grave like Jesse Livermore tried to do.


Since I’m the last one qualified (due to the many huge successes I’ve had in the markets by using this secret) to share this with you, you’d be a complete idiot to NOT want to know what this is.  Because…

It All Comes Down to WHAT You Trade and Trading
ONLY This Kind of Market Can Make You a Fortune


There are MANY different markets to choose from.  But I recommend trading alongside of the stock indices ONLY, hands down.  For me, these markets are much easier to predict because they represent a “basket” of stocks.  And, at any given time, usually one is profiting on a massive scale, long or short.  The stock indices, if you aren’t familiar, are the S&P 500, NASDAQ, The Dow (DJIA), and the Russell 2000 among others.


But what I trade specifically are the ETFs that run alongside these markets which is how I make my money since I don’t like trading futures.  (I started trading commodity futures contracts but, once the ETF versions came into the picture, I started making much more money with minimized risk.  So, I left my futures trading activities in the dust since futures can be much too erratic and volatile.)  The ETF versions of these markets, for me, are much easier to predict with my very pinpointed and specific market forecasting secret:  THE SLICE.


With these powerful markets, there HAS to be a value based on a multitude of large companies in this “basket” of companies called an “index.”  These indices move to the very simple concept of “supply and demand” as a “group” instead of as a singular stock or market.  What makes these markets “better” to trade is that there is a mixed value rather than the emotional value like in the majority of the stock market.  This is why, for the most part, the indices will generally beat almost any other market on any given day because the indices ARE the market (as a whole).


So, how does one trade these markets successfully?  Part of my success in this market is hedging my trades with options.  That’s a small part of my trading process and I do this when I’m trading some pretty ballsy market moves.


The big difference between trading “stocks” and “options” is that options tend to be a much lower risk.  This is why they can be used to hedge against potential market loss on a stock trade or as a method of making money.  Or both!  And this is why I recommend that if you’re just starting out, try trading options only while getting your feet wet.


By the way, an option means that you pay ONLY A FRACTION of the cost of a stock.  It’s sort of like an insurance policy.  If you believe that the market will go up then you will buy your very inexpensive option as “insurance” that you are guaranteed a spot in the market.  If the market moves in your favor, you can either exercise the option and secure the stock OR you can sell the option to another trader for A LOT OF MONEY.  If the prices of that particular market never move in your favor you only lose the cost of the option which can be as low as $50.


You make money when the market moves in your favor.  But how do you know which way the market will move?  That, my friend, is the million-dollar question.  The question I’m about to give you the answer to…which is:

What If I Could Show You a Secret Trading Method that Can Make You Fortunes in Certain Markets by Using a Single Strategy that Can Dictate Market Moves to the Minute?


As you know, the markets, for the most part, exist on “supply and demand.”  When there is a shortage, or a “perceived” shortage, then the prices will go up because everybody suddenly wants a piece thinking that they better get it before it’s all gone!  When there is an overabundance, or a “perceived” overabundance, prices will drop, as everyone will want to get out of the market because it’s something that nobody wants, and they better get out before they lose out.  When I say “perceived” I mean that most of the time the market moves on the “psychology of the masses.”  When people “believe” that there is a shortage, they will jump on a stock, even if there really isn’t a physical shortage.  And if everybody is thinking the same way, it moves the market significantly.


The reason stocks and commodities can be scary is because they move on a perceived value of a company stock or commodity.  And that is very dangerous.  There isn’t anything to “back up” the stock or commodity except the whim of a bunch of people (traders) who “think” the market may move up or down.  As with situations like Enron and WorldCom, the perceived value of a company can be so high on paper, when in reality it isn’t worth squat!  And in situations like futures contracts – say Soybeans – many times the “value” is based on what a mass group of traders think could happen with the supply and demand, not what is actually happening with the REAL supply and demand of that commodity.


But let me tell you a little bit about how I use this groundbreaking trading strategy that I can guarantee that you’ve NEVER seen before because NOBODY ELSE but me knows Jesse Livermore’s exact trading method that can…

Predict Every Minor and Major Market Move for the REST OF YOUR LIFE


There’s a strategy called THE SLICE that you can use to actually “decode” future events of the stock market.  Once you learn this one simple method for decoding, you can literally forecast every minor and major market move for the rest of your life.


And this is THE secret that Jesse Livermore taught my grandfather who passed it down to me…the one that Jesse never wrote about or taught anyone else EXCEPT my grandfather!  The one that Jesse planned to take to his grave.


Why was my grandfather – Bobby B. – so special to get THE rundown on how this special trading method works?  Remember, Bobby B. and Jesse ran together for awhile as the skirt-chasing boozers that they were.  And it was during this time that Jesse explained exactly how he traded the markets and was able to predict – with great accuracy – every market crash in years before.


Unfortunately, Jesse’s personal life unraveled with unsuccessful marriages, boozing, and a revolving door of women that he lost most of his money.  He killed himself in New York in 1940 in the coat closet of a hotel.


What I find most interesting about Jesse is that his method of trading worked like a charm – and it worked EVERY TIME he put it to use with a straight head about him – but he let his personal life get the best of him.  He let women and drinking completely derail his personal life and his finances fell apart because he couldn’t control his vices.


But with Jesse in my grandfather’s rearview mirror of life, he went on to trade himself into a bank account of $45 million.  And then, in an interesting twist that I didn’t see coming, he ended up giving 100% of that money to charity.  I remember when the lawyer – who was the executor of his estate and a family friend – sat me, my brother, my sisters, and my parents in a small office to tell us the news about how we weren’t going to inherit a dime.  And then he read a note that said something to the effect of:


You were all taught how to make money in the markets so you don’t need my money.  Use what I’ve taught you all and make your own damned money.”  What an ass****!


So, I did what the bastard told me to do.  I put what I was taught to work to make my own damned money in the stock market.  And I made A LOT of it.  In essence, he gave me the greatest gift imaginable: the ability to make my own money whenever I needed it and whenever I wanted it.

I Started Off Turning $3,000 Into $2.3 Million Dollars in Just 3 Years…

All Using Only This ONE Trading Method:  THE SLICE


Years ago, I read this one particular stock market book on how this man made two million in the stock market by using these little boxes, which wasn’t much different than a geometric pattern called a narrow, snake-like channel.  I guess he thought he was some kind of genius for figuring something so stupid out on his own.


But really his success all boiled down to LUCK!  Pure dumb luck!


So many people have come up with “systems” and techniques with cute little names like Japanese candle-sticking, swinging, point-and-figuring, turtling, etc.  It sounds awfully good rolling off your tongue at cocktail parties but it’s all bull**** when it comes to packing away any money in your margin account.  After all, anybody can “backwards” forecast the market (in other words, “forecast” the market after it’s already happened) by neatly drawing their little pattern trick on a chart where the action in the market had already occurred.


Nice try.  But anybody with a few brain cells in their head can figure out that any scammer can “forecast” a market backwards in time using ANY random “method” of their liking and they can convincingly make their little trick “fit” just about ANY chart for just about ANY market.


Since I not only learned this secret of how to REALLY predict the markets and then put it to use on my own, those theories and success-justifications are so funny that it’s material for a comedy club…almost.  It would be funny IF all the junk bag of tricks these scammers sold to people didn’t make people lose their asses in the market.  But they do.  Traders just like you can lose A LOT by following some phony primrose path of lies.  And that’s not funny AT ALL!



Maybe you’re starting to understand how sensitive this material really is and why the REAL market gurus never said anything about this stuff.  It’s because knowing this can get people in trouble.  It’s equivalent to “counting cards” in a casino.  Yes, it’s legal (because it’s a skill used by a brilliant mind) but nobody wants you to use it.  So, to stay safe, use this powerful trading secret to trade small (a max of $100,000 per month) as to not attract attention to yourself.


So, now is the time to ask yourself…Do you mind using a system that’s unorthodox yet powerfully effective to make yourself millions of dollars in the market in the next few years?  Or would you rather stick to candlesticks and people’s last names because they impress people at cocktail parties?  It’s up to you.  I don’t care either way.  Your decision won’t change my life in the least little bit.


“The Slice” That is Responsible for Making My Fortune (and Yours Too in the Weeks and Months to Come)…But What IS “The Slice” Exactly??


The wealthiest and most successful top tier traders use one secret: geometric patterning.  Sound complicated?  Don’t worry.  I didn’t do well in high school math either.  Yet this is really easy stuff once you learn it.  And, the easiest way to predict the market ISN’T by using math or hard-core geometry…but even an easier way.  It’s because you’ll be using only ONE pattern called THE SLICE instead of the many complicated ones you may have already seen.  All you do is copy THE SLICE pattern onto certain charts and you’ll be able to forecast the market.  This works for both day trading and longer term trades; it works for both just as effectively.


Everything is predicted by very precise geometric movements that can forecast where the markets are going based on what the markets have already done so far.  Some of the richest traders discovered that the easiest way to foresee market activity is to see what certain geometric pattern symbols are doing.  There are more complicated algebraic and mathematical ways of predicting the market and, if it makes you feel more “righteous” or “smart” to use these methods, you can.  Unfortunately, it takes a very long time to master them and many times they don’t work for most markets.


By using a symbolic “decoding” method – specifically THE SLICE – it’s very easy to see which markets will move on which dates.  Yes, you will have the exact dates that these market activities will take place which means that you will know the exact day and time when a market will move up or down!

Do you know anyone (other than me)who trades the market who is willing to show you how to “decode” market with that kind of pinpointed accuracy?  And what does all this mean for you?  TONS OF MONEY!!  That’s what it means!


So, how exactly do you “decode” the market? 


Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  First, let me talk about the types of markets I trade using THE SLICE.  I trade ONLY alongside the stock indices.  I don’t mess around with anything else.  And I make an absolute fortune with these markets.  I don’t waste my time using THE SLICE with any other type of market because – well, truth be told – THE SLICE is only designed with dead-on accuracy to work with the indices only.  When trying to apply THE SLICE to other markets, you’ll find yourself struggling to make it work.  So take my word for it and don’t bother!  There are hundreds of millions of dollars to be made with these specific indices so that should be good enough for you.


So now you’re probably wondering, what does THE SLICE look like and how do you use it?


I’ll Show You EXACTLY How THE SLICE Works in “The Slice Trading System” Because I MUST Explain It to You in Full, Precise and Accurate Step-by-Step Detail


There’s NO WAY I can accurately describe to you the simple step-by-step strategy in what THE SLICE is and how to trade it with dead-on accuracy within this short report because there are many elements I MUST explain to you first if you are to become a market wiz with this trading secret.


What I can show you now is an overview of how to work with this highly effective little-known trading strategy:


  1. Looking over current charts and pricing information for one of the stock indices; one of my favorites to trade is the SPDR S&P 500 (SPY) so I suggest you start there if you’re not sure where to start.
  2. Then you’ll simply “map out” THE SLICE by applying this symbol to the current chart in a certain way.
  3. You’ll then place your trade, ideally online with a place like  (You’ll need a minimum of $2,000 to start your margin account with them.)
  4. Wait until the market moves in your favor, having “protections” in place for safety.
  5. Wash, rinse, and repeat…many times over as fast as you possibly can!


If you can look at a symbol and apply it to a chart…then you can “decode” stock index ETFs.  It’s that simple.  I do it.  And you can do it too.  But you must know what this geometrical pattern symbol is, which charts to apply it to, which position to use for this symbol (because you can use it in multiple “positions” and sizes), and for exactly which markets use THE SLICE on to make the most money in profits as possible.

The only way I can really show you how to do this is through my “workshop-style” teaching technique.  This is how my grandfather taught me how to do it – although he did these exercises verbally with me – and I’ll be teaching you how to trade the way Jesse Livermore did it by having you learn each step the exact way I learned it…except in a workbook format.  You will shown every detail about how to work THE SLICE in the easiest learning method possible!


Yes, I’m going to teach you how to trade your way to a fortune by giving you an at-home “workshop.”  No, you won’t have to wade through a bunch of CDs, videos, and manuals to figure this out.  I have the entire course laid out workshop style.  It’s going to be equivalent to me personally being by your side, showing you how to decode the market using The Slice, how to paper trade (to get some practice in before doing the real thing), how to execute orders, and how to make money by giving you “hands on” instruction which is the fastest way to learn!  You’ll be a trading pro in a week!


Now, I’m not going to insult your intelligence by mapping out a bunch of past market activity to try to demonstrate how great I really am as a trader.  Anybody can do that because PAST IS PAST.  It’s already over.  So a chart full of drawings from the past several years mapping out how and where I made all my money, isn’t going to help.  What I would like to do is tell you about the future

One Market is About to COMPLETELY CRASH and, If You Don’t Know Which One It Is…You’ll Miss Out on a Once in a Decade Multi-Million-Dollar Opportunity!


Instead of concentrating on PAST market moves, I’m going to tell you about stuff that’s about to happen VERY SOON.  As in, what’s about to happen IN THE NEXT 60 DAYS!


Within the next couple of months, there are three different trading opportunities that can make you extremely rich.  One in particular is about to completely drop after having been a little stagnant for several months.  And because it’s been relatively stagnant, the cost to trade the stock option will be less than $100 each option, if you decide to trade options!  That means that sinking only a few hundred dollars will be responsible for a huge fortune.


Yes, you can and should start out trading OPTIONS instead of trading the actual index fund ETFs themselves as an extra layer of “safety” if you’re not quite ready to go “all in” just yet.


But you have to know which stock index ETFs are going to drop and when they’re going to move…otherwise you can’t cash in on this upcoming opportunity!


Check out these actual decoded predictions using THE SLICE that are going to happen in the next few weeks...

Now, sometimes $36,800 is “usual” in 6 weeks, sometimes it’s not a lot at all.  Sometimes it’s mere peanuts.  For example, with the recent drops in the NASDAQ and S&P 500, some people made several hundred thousand dollars in just a few weeks!  Some made this in just a few days!  Some people MADE MILLIONS during these same time periods!  In the chart above, I’m simply giving you a demonstration of what my predictions are for the upcoming weeks.


As I said, one of the most lucrative markets about to make a MAJOR DROP within the next few weeks.  This drop alone can be worth a million or more to you depending on how you play the market.  Yes, one million dollars or more IF you play it right!  And I will reveal this exact market to you, exactly what date you need to get in the market, and exactly how to play the market so you can make the most money possible when you invest in The Slice Trading System.


Yes, you better get on this ASAP otherwise you will probably miss out making these kinds of profitable trades if you end up dragging your feet, taking forever to make a decision on whether you want to do this or not, or if you get the materials and let it sit on your desk for awhile.  In which case, you probably won’t end up profiting at all.


So, it you’re one of these lazy, indifferent, on-the-fence or skeptical people then don’t bother learning how to do this.  I didn’t decide to risk it all to get this secret out there just for it to land on some lazy jerk’s desk who will “get around” to going through the stuff…someday.  If that describes you, skip this opportunity.  This is only for those who are raring and ready to start ripping through this stuff the hot second the box ends up at their doorstep!


One more thing:  I have a CD that you’ll be getting when you invest in The Slice Trading System in the next 24 hours that has all the stock index ETF charts on it and it includes THE SLICE laid down on these charts, showing you where the market is about to go next!  You DO NOT want to miss out on getting this free CD so you MUST hurry and get this system RIGHT NOW before this offer goes away!

Aren’t You TIRED of Taking 2 Steps Ahead and 3 Steps Back in the Market?

Aren’t You Just TIRED of LOSING Yet??


A lot of traders I’ve met over the years have this one thing in common: they make some gains, think they’ve finally nailed “the secret” of trading the markets or they think finally they got the right software to trade with, and then they lose it all quickly thereafter…plus some.  And on and on this madness goes.  Where it stops, nobody knows!


When are you going to get SICK of being on the losing end of the trade?  After all, when YOU LOSE, people like me pick up your losses as OUR GAINS.  Aren’t you just tired of playing that game?  Aren’t you tired of being on the losing side most of the time?

Trading the markets was never a game that was meant for you to win.  Just like gambling in Vegas, the entire system is stacked in such a way that the Average John Q. Trader will NEVER WIN.  And it’s only a small handful of traders like me who know how the markets work and how to stack the market to their advantage.


You can now be one of those traders.  Instead of being on the losing side of every trade, you can now be on the winning side your trades!

You can still get into the “rich” class by becoming an investor.  In fact, investing is the ONLY way left to secure the highest standard of living and to actually become wealthy at these elite levels.  Sure, you can own a business…but rather the business WILL OWN YOU INSTEAD, if it survives the crash of the economy.  So, why go down that path at all??


As Robert T. Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad indicates in all of his books that the only way to have wealth beyond your wildest dreams is to have a BIG, multi-million or multi-billion dollar business like Microsoft OR become an investor.  Most of us don’t have the millions of dollars or skillset required to start a BIG business nor do we want that kind of stress.  So, that leaves one thing: INVESTING!


Investing is truly the LAST OPPORTUNITY for the Little Guy to get rich.  The middle class will soon be eliminated altogether.  Which class will you choose?  The poor or rich?  Right now you CAN choose.  Before it’s too late!

How to Turn 90% or More of Your Trades Into Potentially Making $20,000+ Monthly With Much Less Risk Than With Your Conventional Risky Trading Instruments


I will not only show you some of the more popular success fundamentals of how to make money in the market but I will also show you my special market “decoding” method called THE SLICE that virtually guarantees that 90% or more of your trades will make you money which can be worth up to $20,000+ per month MINIMUM!


I’m going to show you everything you need to know and, the way I have this course set up is workshop-style, so you can quickly move through the materials, understand everything you are learning, and get yourself making money in the real market as quickly as possible!  I’m going to show you how to:


  • Make thousands a month in pure profits with LOW RISK
  • Gain maximum market leverage with low-cost options
  • Use The Slice “symbol” to make dead-on-accurate market predictions
  • Map out accurate trades in less than 20 minutes a day
  • How to make a steady income year after year
  • And why this is the BEST opportunity out there!


One thing I wanted to mention is this:  You can MINIMIZE your risk by trading options instead.  (And yes, THE SLICE works both ways since you’re actually predicting the direction of the market which has no bearing on whether you are trading a stock, future, ETF or an option.)

When you are trading options, you don’t risk any more money than what you paid for the option.  This is a lot different than trading stocks or futures contracts, which means when the market moves against you, you INSTANTLY lose.  In fact, you can also lose whatever money you have in your margin account PLUS any assets you have if the market moves way against you.  And that’s scary!


With an option, if you pay $50 for it, THAT’S THE MOST YOU CAN LOSE!  If you pay $100 for it, that’s all you can lose NO MATTER WHAT!  Trading stock index ETF options is the SAFEST way (if there is such a thing as “safe” when it comes to trading) to go and I highly recommend everyone start out trading this way.


I’ve seen so many people lose everything they’ve had in the stock or futures markets, especially when thinking they are trading with the “security” of a software program.  They either didn’t know what they were doing, relied heavily on a computer program to spit out a forecast for them (and it didn’t), or the market took an unexpected turn for the worst. 


But not with options.  It’s the only way to get a big chunk of the market without risking your home, cars, savings, etc.  Plus, you will first be “paper trading,” or trading on paper, for a few weeks or until you feel comfortable with putting real money into the market.  I will show you, “workshop” style, exactly how to paper trade so you can get yourself into the market and making money as quickly as possible.


Now, you’re probably wondering: “Why are you making me do this work?  Why can’t you just sell me a software program that can do this for me?”  Because software programs are inconsistent and unreliable, especially with long-term trading.  My strategy for applying a pencil to paper has NEVER failed me.  But software programs have ALWAYS failed me.

Here’s a Million-Dollar Investment System…All Yours to Make a FORTUNE With!

No Matter WHO YOU ARE or WHERE YOU ARE NOW in Your Life, If You Can Follow a Simple Set of Instructions You Can Do REALLY WELL With Trading “The Slice” – This Can AND WILL Completely Change Your Life As You Know It!  GUARANTEED!!


I’m offering you my most sacred money-making information that will show you how to make millions trading stock index ETFs.  Not only will I show you ALL of the basic trading fundamentals, I will also show you a special method of trading using my “decoding” strategies that will allow you to place accurate trades over 90% of the time. 


Here’s what I’m offering to you:

All for $1,297  (Plus Shipping/Handling) to the First 25 Traders!

Price WILL Increase to $4,997 After We Sell Out and Reprint Another Batch.

Plus Remember If You Order in 24 Hours…

I’ll include a CD with the best markets to trade (with charts) and how they are forecasted with THE SLICE.  Plus I’ll include three (3) full months of my newsletter which includes EXACTLY which markets I’m trading and how I’m applying THE SLICE to them.  You can trade along side of me as I show you which million-dollar trades I’m making!  PLUS…I’ll include a $500 bonus which is my special TRADING KIT including The Slice pattern on a clear overlay so you can lay it down on any chart and INSTANTLY forecast the market.




I wasn’t sure what type of money-back guarantee I should put on my highly-guarded secret trading information.  At first, I wasn’t going to offer a guarantee at all.  But that didn’t seem fair.  I wanted you to have the chance to see the sheer life-changing power of The Slice without feeling like you’re taking a huge risk.  So, I decided on something extraordinary!


Mail, fax, or email me your daily paper trading records for 60 days and I will issue you 100% of your money back less shipping/handling PLUS I’ll send you a check for $1,000 out of my personal account for your trouble.  Pretty incredible guarantee, don’t you think?  Why am I doing this?  Because I’m very serious about helping you make money like the top 1% multi-millionaires do. 


I ONLY want to work with people who are DEAD SERIOUS about wanting to do this.  So, if you’re one of those people who order things just to look at the shrink-wrapped system in the box just to send it right back without opening the packaging, DO NOT WASTE MY TIME.  If you’re like that then you’re just a deadbeat and I don’t want you to even TOUCH The Slice Trading System because you don’t deserve to have something of this powerful magnitude to begin with.


For those of you who ARE serious about doing this, know this: ALL of the secrets to making money using The Slice are included in your system course materials.  NOTHING is left out.  And if you have questions, you have access to unlimited consultation through fax or email with me personally.  (CLICK HERE to contact me.)


Plus, if you still have questions? CALL: 661-295-5050 Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm Pacific Time.  You can talk to me personally if I’m available or you can talk to one of my knowledgeable associates.


I’m looking forward to taking you under my wing and showing you this amazing trading secret.  It’s a true game-changer.  And it’s about to completely BLOW YOUR MIND in ways you’ve never imagined before.  Trust me on this one.


Your Friend,

P.S.  Call if you are skeptical or still have questions:  661-295-5050 between Monday and Friday, 9am to 5pm Pacific Time.


P.P.S.  SPECIAL BONUS GIFT:  If you order within the next 24 hours, I’ll send you a FREE CD that includes the MOST RECENT charts of the best markets to trade, showing you the application of THE SLICE of all most highly traded and profitable markets.  This includes market forecasts!  Hurry!  You absolutely MUST respond to this offer within the next 24 hours!  PLUS, make sure you order by the deadline to get my newsletter ABSOLUTELY FREE for three (3) full months!

LEGAL DISCLAIMER AS REQUIRED BY LAW:  There is a substantial risk of loss trading the stock market with or without this or any other advertised product, service, or system.  Past results are not necessarily indicatives of future results.  No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown.  Except where identified as actual profits, references to profits may reflect profits in hypothetical or simulated trading.  Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations.  Unlike an actual performance record, simulated performance results do not represent actual trading.  Also, since the trades have not actually been executed, the results may have under- or over-compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity.  Hypothetical trading results are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight.  No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown.  Be aware that investment in any of these markets including stocks, bonds, options, futures and/or ETFs have large potential rewards, but also large risks.  You must be aware of these risks and be willing to accept them to invest in the markets.  Do NOT trade with money you can’t afford to lose.  Your decision to trade any market – whether presented as low risk or high risk – should be based on your particular financial circumstances and trading objectives.  You can achieve profits far less or far greater than represented in these materials.  There are absolutely no income guarantees.  Always trade at your own risk.

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