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Discover How YOU Can Wildly Profit from the Stock Market By Using a Specific Step-By-Step Method that Can Virtually GUARANTEE You'll Succeed as a Highly Successful Trader

Dear Investor,


Since I first released The Slice System a short time ago, I've had a decent amount of student success stories of people just like you who have been able to use The Slice to successfully trade the stock market.  It's phenomenal how successful so many of my students have been.

But on the flipside, there are those who just don’t get it.  And they remain clueless for a number of reasons including:


  1. Not going through The Slice System thoroughly and repeatedly until they get it.
  2. Refusing to paper trade daily.
  3. Unwilling to print out full-page charts and keep a 3-ring binder notebook.
  4. Unwilling to draw on these charts with a pencil, ruler, and compass as I instruct.
  5. Not willing to “trade alongside me” by becoming a Hot Tips Member.


Maybe you’re one of those people – guilty of one or more of the above – and maybe for good reason.  Life gets really busy and it can be difficult trying to learn something new while working, maintaining a household, and dealing with all the things life throws at you day in and day out.

But…what if I could keep you on a streamlined weekly trajectory for a total of 6 weeks where you’ll take a video lesson (of approximately 30 to 45 minutes in length each week) and then you’ll be trained on all of the ins and outs on successfully using The Slice without making another excuse as to how you don’t have time to learn this powerful trading secret?

These are the types of students who need some handholding.  Don’t feel bad if you are one of these people.  It happens.  And maybe it just comes down to you needing to feel a bit more secure and educated before trading real money in the real market.

You’ve already invested in The Slice.  You may have already invested in the Hot Tips Membership (and if you didn’t, you really should do that now at  And maybe still you haven’t been able to sit down and really figure all of this out.  Because after all…

Million-Dollar Traders ALL Have a System That They Took the TIME to Learn and Develop



One of the biggest complaints that I have heard from new traders is that they don't understand why they simply can't read a book and make millions of dollars a year trading the markets.

And it just doesn’t work like that!

Many of your most successful multi-millionaire traders have spend MANY YEARS – some DECADES – refining their secret trading system.  And, after they hit on a system that works, they NEVER share it with anyone.

Now, you already know my story and why I’ve finally chosen to share The Slice with you and a handful of others.  And in case you forgot, it’s because I’m nearing the end of my life and I wanted to get this powerful strategy out there before I kick the bucket.

But this system is useless if I show it to you and you never use it.  It’s like me having a very large safe delivered to your house – a safe that contains millions of dollars of cash in it – and you can’t figure out the combination to unlock it!

If You Haven’t Taken the Appropriate Time to Master The Slice, You MUST Learn the Secret “Combination” to Finally Begin Making Money Using This Powerful Trading Strategy ASAP!


Over the last few months, I’ve been analyzing the emails that have been coming in from the students who find themselves confused about how to use The Slice.  There is a common thread among all of them.  It seems that they need to be taken by the hand and shown what to focus on first, otherwise the sheer amount of information can get overwhelming rather quickly.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that when students refuse to do the stuff in my order of doing things, they miss critical steps.  And you can’t miss any steps if you want to accurately forecast the stock market.

What’s troubling to me is that some of these steps include those in the infancy stages of assessing a market.  Some students can’t seem to figure out how to go to to download a chart, which is the first part of the process.  This is disturbing to me because you cannot move forward in finding The Slice if you don’t bother taking the extra time to download, print out, and draw on the charts!

This is why I decided to put together a 6-week online mentorship group where there are weekly video training modules to take you through the entire process (from start to finish) so that you understand exactly how to successfully trade the markets using The Slice. Here’s the itinerary of this upcoming online mentorship group:


  • Week 1:  What ETFs are, which to trade, and how trading these can be extremely profitable for you.  You’ll also be shown which “core” markets to focus on and which ETFs track them.
  • Week 2:  The basics of getting and analyzing charts…and exactly what to look for.  This includes how to draw the Basic Geometric Patterns and the relevance of these formations.
  • Week 3:  How to follow the trends of the market to better forecast the future.  A simple strategy can quickly show you where the market is going and you’ll be shown how this works.
  • Week 4:  How to find The Slice in the stock index charts and what to do with this information.  This will include the basics on doing some simple math to find your trading “range.”
  • Week 5:  How to straddle the market using both shares and options.  This segment will show you how to use your “range” to set up trades.
  • Week 6:  How to place your trades.  This may be the part where you’re not sure about so this segment will cover all aspects when it comes to filling your orders.


This is a very comprehensive training.  And I apologize if it seems too elementary for you (at least in the beginning) but there is a reason for this.  I want to make sure you aren’t missing anything which doesn’t allow me to skip out on anything when it comes to the curriculum of the mentorship group.  And if you’re serious about making The Slice a highly profitable strategy, you MUST go back to kindergarten, even if you think you’ve already graduated college.  After all, when certain students really “know it all” about trading (as some people think ), they would already have their own highly successful trading system and they would be multi-millionaire traders.

So, if you’re one of those know-it-alls who believes you don’t need to know how to find the right charts or how the ETF market works (which is stuff we’ll be covering in the first two weeks), then sit yourself down and really ask yourself, “If I really know it all, does my margin account show seven figures?”  Because if not, you don’t know what the hell you’re doing even if you think you do.

You’ve already investing in The Slice.  You’re about 80% there.  And if you don’t have the time to go through every page of The Slice System (because it’s quite comprehensive and overwhelming to some), then take this 6-week online mentorship training.  It will bring you to the proficient trading level you aimed for when you got The Slice in the first place.

Limited Space in the Upcoming 6-Week Mentorship Group


Because of the amount of hands-on training required, we will be limited to having only 16 people in our upcoming 6-week online mentorship group.  And Hot Tips Members and VIP students get the first slots before anyone else will be allowed to register. If you have any questions, call my office at (661) 295-5050 or email me directly at


Your friend,


LEGAL DISCLAIMER AS REQUIRED BY LAW:  There is a substantial risk of loss trading the stock market with or without this or any other advertised product, service, or system.  Past results are not necessarily indicatives of future results.  No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown.  Always trade at your own risk.

Refund Policy:  There are NO REFUNDS on Mentorship Group Trainings.  Thank you!

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