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How Would You Like to Have First-Hand ‘Picks’ of Every Minor and Major Market Move for the Next Year? Do You Have ANY Idea How Much Money That Could Be Worth to You??



The economy is about to make a MAJOR shift.  In fact, it’s already happening!  You’ll either be prepared and make a FORTUNE or stand to lose everything you have.  Which will it be?

Dear Investor,


There are a lot of big changes taking place in the economy RIGHT NOW and, within the next twelve months, you’ll either be basking in the sun on the French Riviera with your millions or you won’t have a pot to…well, you know.  Why is this?  What exactly is happening right now?


The intense volatility and unpredictable plummeting of the stock market has NOT ended yet.  The losses that we will experience from this recession will DWARF the stock market crash of 1929.  Wealthy people may lose everything they have.  But you know who will lose the most?


People with no interest or assets in the stock market at all.  People with not a dime in mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, stocks, or any other traded market.  But why does it always happen this way?


Because when an economy crashes, people’s jobs are lost.  Businesses go under.  The first to go are the “worker bees” then supervisory positions.  Management gets cut next.  Then entire departments in companies are cut.  Vendors who service and provide products to companies are cut back.  More jobs are lost…AND IT NEVER ENDS.  It’s like a row of dominoes falling…


But while everybody else is losing out…

You Could Be Making Your First Millions in the Market!

The largest fortunes acquired in this country have been through serious crashes of the economy.  And you could be next to make a fortune that’s so vast; your great grandchildren will still be well taken care of financially.


But here’s the dilemma:  If you don’t plan on having a very interactive role in your investing starting right now, you will be in serious trouble a year from now.  Doing nothing is NOT what you want to be doing right now.  In fact, you don’t even have that option if you want to live the “normal” and comfortable life you’re used to. 


Do you really want to see yourself unemployed, struggling to find another job for half the pay, with no savings in the bank, and seeing your house go into foreclosure?  That scenario is NOT far fetched.  It’s a very real scenario.


OR you can finally break beyond the “normal” financial status and become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.


The unfortunate part is; you’ll either become very rich or sink into a lower financial class.  There’s no other choice.

How Strong of an Investor Are You?


If you’re not strong enough, if you don’t “get it,” or if you don’t understand even basic investment strategies then you’ll sink faster than a holey ship full of bricks.


Let’s assess what do you know?


First of all, commodity futures are out.  With volatility issues on a futures contracts that – I should mention – are legally-binding contracts where you take FULL responsibility for them upon execution – the market typically moves so quickly against you that it can trigger a margin call, effectively costing you every dime you have in savings. 


And trading individually publicly traded companies?  Not reliable AT ALL.  Even though stock prices are supposed to go up and down based on supply and demand, we both know that doesn’t happen at all.  Prices generally go up and down based on the opinions and hysteria of the masses.  And that is completely unreliable and dangerous.


I firmly believe that trading in ETF markets on the stock indexes is the ONLY way to go (other than investing in real estate) because stocks always have and always will have an actual physical value that no fraudulent/scheming company of criminals can distort the value of.  The price of any given stock market is the REAL value, not a perceived value.  And NO, it’s not risky at all.


Don’t you think a company with a fake company value is much more risky?  I do.  Don’t you think committing your entire asset base on the speculation of a single futures contract is just plain stupid?  I certainly do!


But I don’t think I need to be telling you all of this because…

You Already Know What I’m Telling You is True!


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that giant companies with household names are tumbling to the ground almost overnight, without warning!


And if you don’t know who or what is next to go, you are in serious trouble!


In fact, some of our most historic and financially “stable” companies like GM, Wells Fargo, Kodak, and AT&T are on the verge of financial disaster.  Once these giants collapse it could cause such a ripple effect that can destroy your business or eliminate your job, no matter what industry you’re in.  Why?  Because economical statistics has always proven that large companies, especially several large companies, that fall creates such a strong vacuum that suck too many “unrelated” companies and jobs under with it.


So, what do you do?  Sure, you’ve probably had that “feeling” that things in the economy weren’t quite right.  But what’s worse is that since investor confidence is way down, nobody seems to know what to do anymore.  Trading systems aren’t working like they used to.  Even “seasoned” investors no longer know what to do.  After all, some of those expert investors already lost everything they have.


The fact of the matter is…

You Need Help Picking the Right Trades


Here’s a little secret:  The less experience in trading you have, the less information on trading that you have cluttering your head, the more successful you can be as a trader.


What?  How can that be?  After all, that completely defies logic!


Because those who know too much information about trading, have used too many systems, and/or who have false confidence in their trading abilities have been losing their asses in the markets.


Those who have that wet-behind-the-ears protective fear, are sparse with their trading systems, and are careful with their trading strategy are the ones making money in today’s market.


But what does that mean?  Naïve newbie traders are making money?  What if you don’t want to feel that fear, that lack of confidence in what you are doing?


Then you need someone to help you trade until you get the hang of it.  You need to understand which trades to look at and why.  And, most importantly, you need to know how to geometrically map charts so you can become a successful trader for the rest of your life.  You need to know which stocks to trade, when to place your trade, and why you’re placing the trade.  Without that thorough understanding, you’ll probably never gain that financial success and trader confidence that you want.


And if you’ve been brainwashed by other trading systems, you need even more help in desensitizing yourself and relearning how to really trade the markets.


The difference between knowing what you’re doing and not knowing is…


Either You’ll Become a Millionaire in the Next Year…Or Not!  Which Do You Want?


Massive changes are taking place in the markets.  And you don’t even need to be active or interested in the markets to know this.  But the bottom line is this:  you really have to know what you’re doing in order to make big money.  Are you confident enough in your trading ability?  Do you know how to geometrically map stocks to accurately gauge successful trades?  Do you know what you’re doing?


Let’s put it this way:  Superstar traders of the 70s, 80s, and 90s are finding that their “Lucky Streak” trading techniques aren’t working anymore.  At one time it only took them a few weeks to make several hundred thousand dollars in the markets.  Now, by using those same trading techniques, their lucky if they can pay their mortgage.


What’s changed?


Everything.  We’re living in a world of surprise and sudden changes.  The systematic approaches that worked before are now obsolete.  The “personalities” of many of the markets are suddenly very different.  Trading systems that worked like clockwork before can’t even guarantee a successful trade 5% of the time.


And that’s scary!


It kind of makes you wonder if Larry Williams, Jack Bernstein and other high profile successful traders really know what they’re doing.  How can they?  What I heard is that Larry Williams has been losing money every year for the past several years now.  Jake Bernstein seems like he kind of fell off the grid.  And a lot of Ken Roberts’ students (now operating under Jim Prince) that I’ve talked to have lost their shirts in the futures markets.  So, who can you trust?  Does anybody know what they’re talking about?


I’m not going to toot my horn, but I do know one thing:  Last year it was calculated that 92.3% of my trades were successful.  The year before it was at 87.1%.  This year, so far, I’m at 90.8%.


But I still don’t consider myself a “guru.”  I’m just another person, just like you, who happened to stumble on a system that’s worked miracles for my trading.

Some of you have immediately picked up and understood The Slice.  Many of you are placing your own successful trades.  I know because I hear from all of you who are doing well.  Then there are some of you who aren’t doing so well.  You are the ones who don’t quite understand how and why I geometrically map charts.  You may not fully understand The Slice and how it works.  You may be focusing on too many markets, spreading yourself too thin.  Or you may be “cluttered” still from past systems that you’ve tried and you’re mixing other systems with my system (which will never work, by the way).


If the system isn’t working for you then you need to take this a step further.  You need help!  You need me to take you by the hand for a while and show you how this process works because…

You Need Each and Every Trade from Now Until 12-Months From Now

Handed to You on a Silver Platter!


Do you have any idea how much money you would make if you traded everything I traded and got over a 90% success rate?  You would be set for life.  You could quit your day job, trade by your swimming pool on a laptop, and use your entire day looking at charts and planning your next tropical vacation…

But what if you needed my help for longer than a year?  First of all, you’re going to “get it” before the year is up.  You’re going to understand exactly how I map my charts (and I still do this by hand) and how I decide when and where to enter the markets.


And if, after 12 months, you either need more help or simply don’t want to think on your own then you can renew for another 12 months!


I’m in this game forever, folks.  Until I die that is.  (And many of you know that I have about a year left.  During this year, I can help you get on the map as a highly successful trader!)  There are two things I like to do in this world:  Trade and teach.  And thanks to you, I get to do both!  So, here’s what I’m going to do for you:

Give You Every Trade I’m Going to Place for the Next 12 Months,

Show You Exactly How and Why I Geometrically Map Each Market,

and Tell You Exactly When and Where to Enter My Favorite ETFs to Trade!


And who else is going to do that for you?  Who else can even give accurate trading advice these days?  And if you’re not sure, then check around.  The only “gurus” left in the trading game are nothing more than snake oil salesmen who can’t make a living trading, so they sell “predictions” that aren’t worth a dime.  Be careful!  Most of these “services” (especially the super cheap ones) will make you lose your ass 100 times over!


Each month I’m going to send you a power-packed newsletter with all of my Hot Picks, mapped out charts, information on when and where to enter the markets, and other tips on trading well.   Yes, this will all PHYSICALLY be shipped to you in the mail.  (I’m an old-fashioned guy, what can I say?)


You will also have access to the Member’s Only area at the website.  This will allow you to access special reports, special interviews, trainings, and other special bonuses for your trading business.


And, if you sign up right now, you’ll get some incredible FREE bonuses:


  • Weekly HOTLINE of the Hottest Picks to Trade NOW!  (This will be on the Member’s Only site.)
  • Unlimited Web Access to the Member’s Only Page
  • Unlimited E-mail, Mail, and Fax Consulting
  • Monthly CD of Updated Charts with Your Newsletter
  • Trader’s Mapping Kit
  • Secret Report:  Trading With Cycles
  • Secret Report:  Trading the “Fab 5” Markets
  • Secret Report:  How to Make a Killing with International Markets
  • BONUS Report:  How to Make a Fortune with ETF Options with Little Risk!
  • FULL PAY BONUS:  Free Gold VIP Ticket to the Next Investing Cash Flow Bootcamp Seminar


  • Weekly Hotline:  I’ll give you my up-to-the-minute hot picks so you don’t have to wait a whole month to get the next newsletter for the latest trades.  I also address immediate economical changes and questions that we’re all wondering about.


  • Unlimited Web Access:  This will further keep you up-to-date on charts and market patterns that you need to see now in order to jump on the next million-dollar trade.


  • Unlimited E-mail, Mail, and Fax Consulting:  Some people ask me why e-mail, mail, and fax.  My answer is this:  I can guide you more accurately if you give me the appropriate time to look at what you’re looking at.  Many times I do not have access to the charts you’re looking at if calling me on the phone UNLESS you tell me in advance.  So, to nip that issue in the bud, I can give you a more accurate assessment by way of email, mail, and fax which allows me to do a better job of service to you.


  • Monthly CD of Updated Charts:  Each month you will receive a CD with the most up-to-date weekly and daily charts.  Every 3rd month will include monthly and/or historic updated charts.


  • Trader’s Mapping Kit:  A handy little kit to help you map your lines and patterns more easily.  It really makes the job a lot easier.


  • Secret Report:  Trading With Cycles!  This report clues you in on how to use specific market cycles to help you forecast those multi-million-dollar swings either upward or downward.  This report alone will be worth the cost of your subscription about 50 times over!


  • Secret Report:  Trading the “Fab 5” Markets!  This report explains which are the Top 5 ETF Markets to trade based on the traditional ease of forecasting these markets, making them the most profitable.  It outlines the personality traits of these 5 markets and how they can help you profit like gangbusters in the months to come.


  • Secret Report:  How to Make a Killing with International Markets!  This report revealed a highly profitable yet consistently missed set of markets: the international markets.  This report reveals vital information about how to use this international market secret for huge profits.


  • BONUS Report:  How to Make a Fortune with ETF options with Little Risk.  So many of you have asked me to give you more information on the advanced trading strategies I have so here it is.  This bonus report explains it all:  How ETF options work, how to trade effectively, how to leverage your ETF trades to protect yourself using these options, how to double and triple your profits through a method called pillaring.  This is a must have!


  • FULL PAY BONUS:  Free Gold VIP Ticket to the Next Investing Cash Flow Bootcamp Seminar:  My next Investing Cash Flow Bootcamp Seminar is coming up in September 2019 and will be announced in with your next newsletter.  You are entitled to a free Gold VIP ticket if you pay in full for your Hot Tips Newsletter Subscription.    This is a $3,997 value that you’ll be getting ABSOLUTELY FREE!


All this for only $1,970.  Think about it, that’s only $6 a day for the next 365 days, that’s less that a cup of designer coffee at Starbucks these days…And this (unlike the coffee) can be worth MILLIONS to you!


PLUS, if you order within the next 5 days, I can defer the payments for you.  Pay 1/3 now, 1/3 in 30 days, and 1/3 in 60 days!  You could be making a fortune before your next payment is due.  (Sorry, but the stretch pay deferment option is for credit card orders only.)

100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee!


I believe that anyone worth anything will offer a money-back guarantee.  So here it is…


I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse.  I’m going to offer you my Hot Picks for the next 12 months.  Use my trading advice and place your trades.  Or paper trade if you aren’t ready for the market.  If my trades don’t make you money then you can cancel your subscription to my Hot Picks Newsletter and I’ll refund the unused portion of your newsletter subscription.  Just tell me that you don’t want the newsletter anytime within your subscription period, show me that your trades aren’t working for you, and I’ll cancel your subscription.  It’s that easy.


I truly believe that getting into something shouldn’t be a risky thing.  You shouldn’t have to worry or lose sleep over taking a step toward your financial freedom.  That’s why I offer my guarantee.  You will be completely satisfied or I’ll refund your money.


Anybody worth their salt will be so confident in their trading technique that offering a guarantee shouldn’t be a problem.  It isn’t for me.  I know what I’m telling you will work for you because I use the same techniques that make me an absolute fortune.

Get In the Markets Right Now Before the Really Big Sweeping Changes Happen


Some major markets are going to take a nosedive.  Some markets are going to skyrocket higher than ever.  You need to know which markets are going to make some major changes.


Let me give you some free insight.  It doesn’t take a genius to see that the S&P 500 has been quite volatile these days.  But what does that mean?  Do you know what that means for you?  Because I know.  And I can help guide you through that volatility.


The financial markets are making some sudden changes that can make you an obscene fortune if you know what you’re doing.  If you don’t know what’s going on, don’t play the markets at all, as you could lose your shirt.

I Will Tell You EXACTLY Which Markets to Get Into, When, and Where to Enter the Markets…For the Next 12 Months!  Do You Know How Valuable That Can Be to You?


And what do I know?  I’ve been able to make some hefty amounts of money with my little-known and little-understood trading strategies, namely with The Slice.  You may understand how my geometrical trading strategies work and that’s great.  If you don’t, it’s okay!  You can still make a ton of money as I keep you up-to-date with the latest market changes.  I’m going to make sure you’re in the money as you trade all of these successful trades right along side of me!

If I’m not trading in a market, I won’t tell you to.  If I’m leery about a market, I won’t recommend it to you.  You will ONLY know about those trades that I’m trading and that I believe in.  And with a current trading success rate of OVER 90%, you can’t lose!

But You Better Hurry Because I’m Only Taking 20 of You Under My Wing…


Only the first 20 of you who respond will be a part of this SUPER RARE opportunity.  I’m not willing to spread myself thin by having too many new students.  That means I won’t be able to give all of you my undivided attention when you have questions.


So, I made up my mind.  After tossing several figures around I decided to limit this opportunity only to the first 20 who respond.  The 21st person will have his or her order form sent back.  It’s only fair to those who respond quickly, to those who really want to make it happen, and to those who don’t have to “sleep on it” to know that they want to make a lot of money for themselves.  I want those who know what they want…for those who procrastinate will lose out.

Are You Ready to Make Some Money?


Let’s face it, some people are ready to make a lot of money and some aren’t.  Sure, I’ll bet you thought everybody wanted to make money.  On the surface it may seem so but some people just aren’t ready for that responsibility.  Are you?


You’re probably laughing, saying, “Are you kidding?  Of course, I want to make a ton of money.”  You really have to want it because some people just aren’t cut out to have or handle large bank accounts.  And I’m being very serious as I tell you this.


I’m only interested in those with the ability to handle making a lot of money.  It’s a very serious subject.  People get very weird when it comes to money.  Some people will steal it from those who have it.  Some people commit suicide over not having it.  Some people will stab their family in the back for it…Can you handle the repercussions of having a fortune?


You’re probably thinking, “Hell yes!”  Right?  Somehow life’s obstacles are much easier to conquer with a fat checkbook and lots of food on the table versus having more problems like knowing that the company you work for can downsize you out into the street at any moment…and trying to find another job at your age is a joke.


That means you have to be willing to study, learn, and follow my footsteps.  If making money was easy, everybody would be doing it, right?  And if you don’t understand how to do it, ride on someone’s coattails that can!  And be willing to make that commitment that you are willing to follow my lead.  For me, there is nothing for frustrating that somebody who is only willing to go half way with me and interject somebody else’s trading system with mine.  That will NOT work.  It’s either all my way or no way at all.


Are you ready to potentially make you an outrageous fortune?  Yes?  Okay, let’s do this!  Give me a call and let me know that you’re ready to make it happen!


Your friend and mentor,

Dr. Peter Barrington

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P.P.S.  This is it.  This is what you’ve been looking for to help you make the right trades every time.  Don’t pass this opportunity by since I’m only doing this with 20 traders…AND THAT’S IT!

LEGAL DISCLAIMER AS REQUIRED BY LAW:  There is a substantial risk of loss trading the stock market with or without this or any other advertised product, service, or system.  Past results are not necessarily indicatives of future results.  No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown.  Except where identified as actual profits, references to profits may reflect profits in hypothetical or simulated trading.  Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations.  Unlike an actual performance record, simulated performance results do not represent actual trading.  Also, since the trades have not actually been executed, the results may have under- or over-compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity.  Hypothetical trading results are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight.  No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown.  Be aware that investment in any of these markets including stocks, bonds, options, futures and/or ETFs have large potential rewards, but also large risks.  You must be aware of these risks and be willing to accept them to invest in the markets.  Do NOT trade with money you can’t afford to lose.  Your decision to trade any market – whether presented as low risk or high risk – should be based on your particular financial circumstances and trading objectives.  You can achieve profits far less or far greater than represented in these materials.  There are absolutely no income guarantees.  Always trade at your own risk.

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